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How We Work, Our Process

Step 1

To begin, call the office at 651-227-2584 or by email, to schedule an appointment for a Bluhm Brothers landscape designer to come to your home and offer a free estimate.

Step 2

Upon initial consultation, our designer will listen carefully to your goals and or restrictions and provide a complete and comprehensive plan with their own insights, in order to create a unique and inspired landscape which tailors to your needs as a homeowner.

Step 3

Shortly after, a proposal will be submitted, and the landscape designer will work closely with the homeowner so that everything is understood, and that there will be no surprises or unexpected problems with the work.

Step 4

If you choose to accept the bid, Bluhm Brothers Landscaping will promptly put you on the schedule for a time that works for both parties.

Step 5

Upon the project's start date, a Bluhm Brothers Landscaping crew and equipment will arrive early and stay late to safely and efficiently complete your work at the best quality possible. For most jobs, half of the payment is due on the first day, while the other half of payment is due upon completion. A contractor or owner will be on site at all times to manage the installation process and answer any questions regarding design or maintenance that might arise during construction.

Step 6

When Bluhm Brothers Landscaping completes your project and leave the site, the job is not over. If you encounter any problems or have questions that have been left unanswered, Bluhm Brothers Landscaping will continue to work with clients to ensure proper maintenance and care for your new landscape long after job completion.

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Our distinctive reputation through the greater Twin Cities Metro area is founded on the pursuit of excellence.
Bluhm Brothers Landscaping specializes in landscape design and installation, paver patios, retaining walls
and walkways. We also provide instruction for the do it yourself ( DIY ) homeowner.

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